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Zombies Attack Dust and Glitter!

Dust & Glitter at 404 Main Street, Truth or Consequences, NM proudly presents the work of Jack Larson from October 9 through November 30, 2010 with an opening reception during Truth or Consequences’ monthly Art Hop, Saturday November 13th.

Jack Larson, professional zombie portrait painter, has been many things in his thirty some years.  An artist?  Check.  An embalmer?  Check.  A military body transporter?  Check.  A mortician?  Check.  A crime scene reporter?  Check.  A horror junkie?  Check and check again. 

While one may assume from this resume that Mr. Larson’s interest in portraying the undead derived from his extensive contact with corpses, this is not exactly the case.  Quite inversely, his artistic passion led him to the professional endeavors listed above.  A high school art teacher strongly suggested that being an artist would not be a career option for Jack.  Instead, she insisted that he find a related job.  Given his fascination with the news, as well as medieval art, she recommended that he become a mortician as a way of exploring the macabre or death. 

Jack Larson has been painting zombies nearly exclusively for over a year now.  At first he was investigating the concept of “collectivism gone bad.”  Given the complexity of this subject, he found endless facets to explore.   He describes his current undead work as “. . . more the spirit of levity.  It’s like the Mexican Day of the Dead, where death is caricaturized and made fun of in a sense, in a light-hearted way.  It’s not so much  horror as making a social commentary about human beings becoming like zombies.”

Jack Larson’s zombie paintings and cards will be featured during October and November. He is also available for CUSTOMIZED ZOMBIE PORTRAITS, FOR ONLY $10 MORE! Individual, Groups, Celebrities, Friends - Original artwork painted in acrylic, based upon your photographs. For more info, email me iam@moshekoenick.com.

ALL OTHER PIECES ARE ACEO 2.5"x3.5" cards (acrylic)
8x10 = $30
16x20 = $75
ACEO cards = $5 each

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